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Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post

Two things you can do to compensate (to a degree, Gravity still works) is stop your forward cast at a higher angle. I tell folks pick out the tallest tree across from you and 'aim over the top with the stop.'

The second thing you can do to gain range is by getting your elbows up to about shoulder height. If you cast with your elbows low, this slight change will increase the tip height by up to a foot. And with a short rod, that's quite a lot.
This is the other thing. My stops are inconsistent. I noticed that yesterday.

I do keep them kind of low just to save my shoulder. I went the two hand route because my right shoulder was locked up for about 8 months and hasnt gained full range of motion. I twist a little in the waist and rotate my upper body as a rigid whole in order to make up lost motion.
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