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Default birch bark rings

Thought I would show the way I am making up rings for turning grips from Birch Bark.the first time I tried this out was with some BB I got from someone on the forum for a materials swap over the winter...great stuff...thanks again...

Click the image to open in full size.

this is a material that comes from many parts of the country... This is really beautiful stuff..making for a very durable grip if used solo...or just a super for butts or winding check areas...the smaller lines are very attractice as well of does not require ant finish etc just like cork.

this is what I am doing on my special edition series bamboo rods least parts of the grip finished off with is for sure more durable and compliments bamboo and natural cork excellent...

rather than try and manage the bark pieces individually in the glue up process to prep for the turn, I decided to make the bark up into sections that are compressed evenly and with solid glue connections. It is a lot easier for me to handle it...and guaranrtee a good joint everywhere...surprises mid way in a turn are devastating...a lot of work and time( and materials) can be lost if things arent right .

it can be bought too from the regular folks...mud hole etc in small sheets...8-10 pieces makes about an inch of ring.

after cutting the bark into 2" X 2" squares I take small 1X pine blocks the same size and used them to assist in clamping.After cleaning up the bark I soaked it and did a "dry" clamp up to get the fit good...then after a week I took it apart scrape them down and remove any loose material...a slight sanding, then glue them up with gorilla glue. They get clamped with a basic cabinet door bar clamp fairly tight...maintaning an even boundary on all sides is important. I cut the rough circle on my band saw and finish sanded the diameter w/ the drum sander. I made them in 1/2, 1, and 1 &1/2 inch rings...for accents , winding check dome on a reverse wells style or for the rear section on any grip...

I think this will really help out with the process...I am mixing these with cork in natural and some medium burn slices too for more accents...

Its a bit of work, but guarantees good connections and adhesion with this slightly unruly material...t

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