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Default Re: Wooly Bugger or Crayfish fly?

I like Whitlocks and Pat Cohens crayfish flies and have a hybrid I like.

that said, for trout, one that works awesome is a super simple fly.

Weight it with nonlead wrapped on the shank, or bead chain eyes near the eye of the hook.. Then tie in a length of turkey tail feather fibers so they stick out behind the hook. now tie in either marabou, or webby hackle fibers so they to stick out behind the shank about 1 shank length. Ive seen a few guys use squirrel tail dyed orange/yellow/brown/blue/tan for this as well... Now palmer the body with chinelle (brown or olive work well) and with a webby hackle feather (you can replace the chinelle with dubbing too). Now just fold the turkey tail over the top of the fly. As you pull it up through the maribou or webby hackle fiber sticking behind the hook, those fibers will splay to the sides at about a 45 degree angle.

Tie it off and add a layer of fleximent, epoxy or UV resin (I used to use fleximent but now just use CCG hydro for this fly) to the turkey fibers and head.

It's a super simple, nicely ugly fly that could probably look like a million things (like any bugger)... I dont know the name, it was just labeled "crayfish" in a local fly shop when I was a kid...

Oh, this was tied hook down, so I've always done it that way, but you could do it hook up as well...
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