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Default Re: Any headache saving tips for a new tyer? (besides don't start the addiction)

Yeppers, pre-prepping for a tying session is a GREAT idea.

I used to travel on business a lot and when I traveled in the Winter months, I'd take "pattern bags" with me, along with a minimal set of tools- vise, scissors, bobbin, whip finisher.

I would remove enough hackles from a cape/saddle to tie a few dozen flies with, strip the fuzz from the base, and bag them by size in zip top sandwich bags. I'd take a section of pheasant tail, or the eye section of a peacock feather or patch of elk hair and/or any other necessary materials in another bag. Then I'd take a one-week pill box with hooks and beads sorted by size into the compartments.

These, along with an Altoids tin fitted with a magnet strip for a fly box, helped me keep my sanity while in many a hotel room. =)

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This is a good idea Willki.

Another is to try tying just tails and bodies, then half hitching or whip finishing them off. Keep these in a box sorted by size.

After you've got a few dozen of these, re-mount them in a vise and practice adding wings, or if you DON'T wing your flies, simply tie in hackles and hackle them.

By doing this, not only do you pick up speed, but you learn how many wraps of hackle you can tie before you have to stop to finish a head.

And it WON'T be the same on every fly, unless all the hackle comes from the same cape/saddle and the stems are identical.

Also as I've said before, if you're fortunate enough to take lessons somewhere, ASK FOR PERMISSION to stand BEHIND the tyer and see from the correct view point how to do a step you're having trouble with! If you're facing them, its' hard to envision how it's supposed to look from YOUR SIDE of the vise =)
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