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Default Spinner reel kicked my butt

So, I went fishing with the girlfriend last weekend by the lake. So I brought my old spinner rod and reel with me.

I don't know if I've just been fly fishing too much or what but I could not get that thing to cooperate with me. Every time I lifted the bail to cast a bunch of line would fall off the reel. I had the line pinched between my rod and finger, I had the bail retrieval thing set up near the rod, I did everything I did as a kid but could not control that stupid line!!

The few times I did get a decent cast it didn't go any further than if I'd been using my fly rod. So I switched over to my fly rod and just fished with buggers and muddlers.

What the heck? Have I lost my touch?

I'm not really looking for answers, I just thought it was funny that I've become completely incompetent with a simple spinner reel.
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