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Default New Guy: Boston Fly Fisherman & Author

Hey what's up people? It's Kevin Walsh in Wellesley, MA. I'm a new member and love to fly fish. I belong to a small fly fishing club that's as much about hanging out and having a cold one than it is about the fishing. Nothing fancy at all. It's just right. I also wrote a book that will be released very soon. I'll tell you the title later but Think A River Runs Through It meets Saving Private Ryan. I'll later post a summarized version of it, but I won't plug obnoxiously because that's well... obnoxious. I work in the television sports world and I'm in New York right now covering the Bruins and Rangers Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Semifinals. Playoff hockey is cutting into my fishing time, but these are wonderful problems to have. You'd be surprised how many NHLers love to fish. I saw someone else post about how they prefer to hunt fish than to feed deer. I understand that. The hunting and stalking of fish get me going as much as the catch. There's just something very primitive about it. So that's my hello. Don't be a stranger.

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