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Default Re: What do I really need in a fly reel?

Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
Where I sit is that multiple factors are in play:

1. Owner serviceability or Manufacturer serviceability
2. Maintenance or little to no maintenance.
3. Price/budget
4. Reel and specifically drag design
5. Manufacturer warranty.

I've come to appreciate reels that I can service myself--not saying this is right for everyone. Replacing springs/pawls or getting another cork drag plate are a convenience as opposed to sending a reel back for service and or replacement. This can often be done in the field if parts are on hand or possibly by going to a local fly shop. Some reels I own there is little more that I can do but to send them back for service and that's OK too because the manufacturers I've chosen offer repair/service. Replacement is OK too but if you're on a trip and aren't don't have a backup reel to use this could be a problem.

Of the two you mentioned, I know that my local shop who carries Lamson recommends them because they're pretty well serviceable in a fly shop. I've seen guys bring their Lamsons in and they replaced the bearing within a few minutes.
My situation is this. I just ordered a pair of rods/reels (4 & 5 wt). The reel I ordered was the Ross Flyrise. When I received it, I realized they were not sealed drags and they seem to have a fair amount of plastic. While the plastic may not be that big a deal, the open drag concerns me. Had I realized this up front, I likely would have ordered the Lamson Konic II. I may even go for the Lamson Guru for the 5wt. They both have a sealed drag. I can exchange the reels. So, I'm trying to decide if the sealed drag is worth the hassle of return shipping and waiting to get them back. I do use my gear. I have set them down, not in the mud, but on a soft or sandy shoreline, do let them get wet and/or dirty on occasion, but otherwise take care of my gear. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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