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Default Re: Fishing a mouse pattern, what sort of leader?

My plan is to do some mousing in broad day light, afternoon. I've never done it, but I've seen guys catch trout on mouse patterns on youtube during the day. So, why not try.

Then I hope to catch a Hex spinner fall in the early evening & finally IF the Hex don't appear for us, I'll mouse the early evening & into the black of night. I fish the mouse at night on this section all the time, so I know just what to do for that part of the night. It is dark for sure, but that is what makes it fun. The take out is at a "Z" in the river & there is no way I can miss it. It is also the very best run in the river I think for mousing at night, a dark moonless night I'm planning on for our trip.

As for the leader, I'm thinking a 2 section attack. I nice butt section of 36", and then a 12lb tippet section of a couple feet. That way, if I get hung up in the wood, I'll be able to break off the mouse at the junction. HOPE that works! I'm going to rig this tomorrow and see how it casts in the yard with my biggest mouse pattern.

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Kevin: Since you are floating you might consider adjusting the hours, either be on the water just as it is getting light and then pound the banks with the mouse pattern until the sun hits the water, or set off later in the day so you time it so you are fishing at dusk and then pound the banks with the mouse. This is a little tricky since you want to be able to see the takeout before it gets pitch black. That reminds me of my son's brother-in-law, he did a float on the Colorado River south of Glenwood Springs a few years ago with a friend who guides on that section. They put onto the river in the late afternoon, hit a really strong caddis hatch and had a blast, but they didn't make the takeout until it was pitch black out, but in that case the guide knew the river really well and they had spot lights to help guide them down the last mile or so and the takeout was at a bridge so that made it easier to spot.
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