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Originally Posted by trout champ View Post
I love my Smith polarchromatic (sp?) sunglasses. I like the way the subtly change shades according to the amount of daylight. I have two pair and my only complaint is they do not have very thick earpieces, or at least the one I have don't. They lenses are made of real glass too!

I have a pair of Oakley that I love, but not as much as the Smith pairs. I have tried on a couple pair of Native glasses and they seem pretty good. I really like how they come with two different lens options and the ability to quickly and easily change said lenses out. I also think the Natives are made in Colorado, but don't quote me on that.

Yeah, I checked the Native and liked the idea of having the second lens option.

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Originally Posted by fishiowa View Post
For fishing glasses I strongly recommend glass lenses for the scratch resistance when you need to clean them with a shirttail or whatever. I have a variety of darker shades for sunny days but my absolute favorites are a pair of Costas with the yellow glass lenses, they are perfect for early, late and rainy days.
Is that true that Costa's will actually charge for repair or glass replacement for their lifetime warranty? I read these claims from various sites.

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Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
I sometimes think about trying Costa's simply because I'm a sucker for marketing and the 'buzz' about some products.
It's been about 12 years and my Maui Jim's just keep on working and working very well.
They're so old they're back in style! The lesson here is, always put your shades in a hard-shell case when not in use and always use a neckstrap tether with them when out playing.
I got the Maui's because they were made for playing on the water. They are used for sailboat racing and fly fishing and just as everyday shades.
Besides the optical clarity and having a copper tint that excells in a wide range of light, the water-specific features are what sold me
They have glare-free lens treatments both inside and out, a hydrophobic finish that repels water and are tinted a bit more at both the top and bottom of the lens to protect from overhead and reflective light and glare.
An auto manufacturer offered me a free pair of Maui Jim's of my choice if I test drove one of their offerings. I had to think about that for about a nano-second and took them up on the offer. I'm like a kid waiting for the postman to deliver his prize.
Reading your comment makes me think of a cheaper solution. I might be able to revive the performance of my Oakley but getting their lens cleaning solution (if there is such a thing available). This will save me tons of money.
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