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Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Xi3 #8 is a fine rod for the salt. Yes, Hatch would be a great but somewhat expensive choice as would Abel and Islander. The Nautilus mentioned would be great too, I fish an NV on my NRX #8 and love it. Ross is worth a look see too but the Lamson products, though intelligent in many ways, feature a too wide, too shallow aspect ratio that makes retrieving lots of backing and line, as happens in the salt, counter-intuitive. too much attention is required to regain line uniformly risking uneven build up thus pillar jamming. Not such and issue in most trout fishing but serious stuff with big strong gamefish. Also the non-sealed drag sweep surface is smaller than the saltier reels above. The Kraken, if you are on a budget, seems a fine choice though I have yet to fish one.
Thanks al lot for all the answers. Much appreciated!!

I thought, for example, that the lamson speedster (3.5 / 4) with the very large Arbor was designed for big fish (speedsters). I read at the internet that the reel has a very fast retrieve. Like the Loop speedrunner for example.

But I understand that the reel isnt a good choice for fishing on the salt for big fish. Because of the fast retrieve (ratio), or the narrow spool, the uneven build up?
I understand your post about the drag.

Will you please so kind to explain it again to me why this very big arbors arent a good choice for big fish on the salt.

I dont understand your post for the 100%. I dont speak the lanquage of your tongue because I live in Europe. Thank you very much!!
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