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Default News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation - May 23, 2013

News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

New Blog from ASF Research
ASF Research staff now have a regular blog on ASF’s website to share with viewers their experiences and work in a wide range of field activities, with the goal of unraveling the mysteries of Atlantic salmon migration, population dynamics and restoration. Click on “Blogs” at the top of ASF webpages, and go to “Research – In the Field”. The direct link:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Research - In the Field

Wave Glider finds ASF-tagged Kelt
Read details of the detection of an ASF-tagged Kelt early this week, as the salmon travels north from the Miramichi:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Waveglider Finds ASF-tagged Kelt

Escapes in Newfoundland Raise Alarm
Escaped farmed Atlantic salmon are being found in Newfoundland, raising questions of origin and their impact. The Salmonid Council of Newfoundland and Labrador spoke out on the escapes:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Escaped Salmon Could be Bad for Wild Salmon

The Impacts of Escaped Farmed Salmon Detailed
ASF has also responded to media interviews regarding the escaped salmon, where industry has downplayed the impact of escapes. Read more:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Concerns Over Escaped NL Farmed Fish

Live Release Helping the Tay in Scotland
So far in 2013 the salmon returns in the River Tay have been phenomenal and both anglers and experts are giving part of the credit to a policy of live release:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Bumper Tay (Scotland) Salmon Due to Live Release
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