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Default Re: I need some schoolin'

Thanks for the info. You pretty much summed up what innerwebz showed me.

I guessing that what the guy was asking for isn't an actual "white perch" (which isn't even a perch), but some kind of pan fish which is prevalent in the local lakes and called a white perch. Do know that is considered a nuisance fish by those I have talked to locally (depleting the food for bass).

Next best guess is that it may be a white crappie or something similar. So, smaller, trout-sized muddlers and buggers and clousers and maybe a few big soft hackles and some flashy sliders are going to be the ammunition thrown off a 5 weight. Then I guess it is just basically hunting down a school or two.

It's a challenge for me, but sounds like fun - never tried to target something I have no first hand experience with.) Apparently they are very good eating. All I am really sure of is "They're all over the place, and they'll hit anything." (Sounds like an annoying by-catch fish to me.)

Thanks agian for the help.
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