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Default Re: Yeah It's Heavy but Man Does It Ever Cast!

Fantastic thread!

But as someone from the UK - born and bred with a 15fter in the hand I have to tell you guys out West that they are delicate instruments not canons!

You can be casting a gentle 75ft all day long with the minimum of fuss and effort. You'll come off the water relaxed and smiling. Your fly control will be perfect and easy and heavy flies can be used no problem. What is more with Spey casting you can cast with gales blowing all around you - who cares - bring it on!

Spey casting with a double handed rod should be almost silent - not swish, swish, heave and thrash. I know it’s good to let loose the testosterone occasionally but I can think of better places to do that! If you are a 'thrasher and thrower' then change hands. Use your weaker hand upper most (if conditions allow). You will soon cast much better.

What you REALLY, REALLY, should not do is think these are distance casting machines. That is missing the whole point. If I wanted distance I'd go for a single handed setup and double haul.

They are delicate fishing instruments – and I can assure you - once you treat them as such – it is life (well fishing) changing!
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