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Default Re: Does Joe Messenger Jr have a handle/call sign on this site?

He taught at a local fly tying round table thing. It was supposed to be like a gathering of guys to knock a couple back and swap flies at a local archery/fly shop. It turned out that nobody was any good and they were all asking Joe to teach them. All winter he taught a new pattern each week. I found out too late and only caught the last two classes.

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I watched him tie a couple Irresstibles like his dad. No bobbin, no tools, just a nail in the table to hold the spool. We hit it off because at 22 I have over 13 years of experience tying (about as many years as the other folks at the class combined). <-- again trying not to come off all arrogant...

He got a kick out of a "youngster" showing interest as opposed to retirees. (no offence to anyone)

But, he was teaching a cool "local" Green Drake pattern of his own design (I believe) the first class I attended. He was cracking wise on me because, I showed up with my big pedistal rotary vise and I probably did look like some schmoe that went out and bought all kinds of expensive stuff not knowing how to tie. Others had been meeting for weeks building skills. But, as he went step by step tying bits at a time like a book come to life I was sitting there, done, while others were tying and adjusting stuff.

I put the fly into my box of looker flies that won't ever see the water. I got a nod of approval from a legend!!! I was absolutely giddy like a school girl... Joe liked my fly! I'll post a pic here soon! He is a really cool guy. I hope to get in touch and learn the frog pattern this summer. I need a Regal vise though. To tie deer hair properly, the Messenger way.
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