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Default Re: I need some schoolin'

Thanks for the images. Gives me a better idea of which way to head.

From the looks of those I'm after head strikers and I have been tying for tail strikers.

Guess I'll finish off what I have planed. (Need to continue to retrain the fingers and eyes any ways.) Then go with some Crazy Charlies, Deceivers, Clousers and Sedducers all tied on the flashy side on shorter shank, larger hooks; maybe dig threw my box of salt water examples and see what's in there.

Would a Mustad 3366 be a good hook choice for them?

It's weird, I have this aversion to tying bright flashy flies. When I started tying flies for river run smallies, I had a bit of a time adjusting to some of the material I was using. A long time ago, I tied up a couple Electric Mickey Finns (Flo orange and Chart) and ended up not fishing them much and taking them out of my streamer box even though they would pick up stocked rainbows sometimes. Removed them because they bothered me.
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