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Default RIO or Scientific Anglers

What brand of lines, between these two, do you all prefer, across the board?

I have gone back and forth between the two companies for a while. I use to fish all SA lines and then I tried an Outbound Short on a 9wt. when they first came out. Loved the line and started to make the transition to RIO. Now, I am contemplating diving back into SA lines.

When it comes to tapers and variety, there is no question that RIO has a lot more to chose from. For my type of fishing, I also believe RIO offers more tapers that are useful to me. In fact, SA seems to have thinned down their selection lately (no Bass taper, no Muskie taper). Now, with the purchase of SA by Orvis, I really do not know what to think of SA.

Same goes for leaders and tippet. SA just lacks selection.

What do you all prefer; RIO or SA?
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