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Default New #5 rod - recomendations?

Hello, I'm new to this forum!

I'm about to buy my second fly rod, and want to step up and buy a more premium rod this time. I don't got the technic 100% yet, so I need a rod that is easy to cast with that allows some "mistakes."

- Small streams to medium rivers
- High mountain waters with no streams
- Trout and arctic char

Can you help me choose? I'm not looking for budget models as I will try to find some place with sales or maybe a nice used one. Prize is not so very important as I could have this rod for many years. I don't know alot of the technical stuff but I need a rod that is effortless to cast and can cast "far enough"

I've heard good things about the Guideline fario and zpey dreamcatcher. Any others brands like sage, hardy, orvis, scott, sage etc that could be something for me?

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