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Default Re: New #5 rod - recomendations?

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
First of all welcome to the forum. You'll likely get a lot of different answers to your question. Each of us has different rods which we like and many of us have not tried all that many brands / models of rods. Add to this that two guys will try the same two rods on the same water and same day, and choose differently. You quickly realize it is hard to give a clear cut answer. Check out this previous thread which links to the 5wt shootout that Yellowstone Angler did a couple years ago as well as the resulting discussion.

If budget isn't a big issue for you, see if you can get into some fly shops and handle different rods, talk to the people there to get advice, try to cast them, etc etc. If you have a price limit that will narrow down the options and focus the advice you get here. If you have a rod you really like, what is it? Do you want something similar or different? Knowing what you like will also help focus the advice.

All that said, I'm sure you'll get some good advice here. There are some people who know a lot about a lot of different rods.
Thanks for your reply! The rod I have is a norwegian one, Vangen superior 601 I think it is called. I don't really like it anymore, I don't get a good feeling even when I cast good casts. So I don't really know if the problem is the line or what, or if I want something similar or different, but I just want something better I'll just have to wait for some more replies and maybe from someone who has been in the same boat as me and see what they ended up with. Prize isn't really an issue but I always like ending up with a good buy. Also I heard some of the brands provide warranty so if I break a rod by mistake I only have to pay a small amount and then get it covered. This would be nice!

Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
Currently Orvis has 20% off their outfits.. ie: rod, reel, line... I'd look at something over there first... I'd check the Access outfits myself if I had money to spend
I will probably end up with tax and custom charges etc if buying outside of Norway, but will check it out!
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