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Default Re: New #5 rod - recomendations?

Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
Do you know about the Yellowstone Angler 5 weight shootout? Any of the top-scoring rods on their list would be good choices. Read the review comments to get a sense of the differences among the different models, rather than just relying on the scores alone.

2013 5 weight shootout - Yellowstone Angler
Nice one, thanks!

I've been looking around for some good offers here in Norway and I found this.

- Orvis clearwater II 865-4 TIP FLEX on 20%. Looks like it is a beginners rod, would it be okay for me anyway if im over that stage?
- Hardy demon 9 foot #5 (looks like it is on -40% ive mailed the store and asked)
- Scott a2 and a3 in 9" #5. Looks like a3 is the most expensive of them, but they cost the same as the a3 is on sale atleast.

I also found loop opti stream #5 in one store, but it is twice as much as the scotts and the hardy (if it is on sale). What do you guys think of these rods i've listed?
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