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Default Re: What do I need to get started?

1. Decide what flies you need for the fish you intend to fish for. Try to pick the simpler patterns- often they'll work as well or better than the fancy stuff.
2. Obtain the recipes from a book or internet- preferably some good youtube vid.
3. Tool kits its are fine, especially for tools. You'll upgrade later, after the basics are mastered. Materials are tougher. You may get some junk and things you don't need. Might be better to talk to a reputable fly shop and have them help you pick out material for the flies you pick to tie.
4.Master one fly at a time and don't hesitate to take a fly back apart to get it right. You'll save time later by learning the right muscle memory now; save money by not wasting a bunch of flies in a drawer you won't fish.
5. If you can get a real live teacher at a fly shop, or Trout Unlimited, or by asking friends- it'll shorten the learning curve by miles.

There's a member here named South Holston whio has a website for his shop. A good fellow named Josh has some very good vids of some useful trout flies there. I can recommend them for ordering some materials , too.
Have fun, it's almost as fun as fishing
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