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Default Re: Dry fly question

For the most part I've been fishing streamers. As far as dries go, mostly attractor patterns and have just recently got into nymph fishing (yes, using an indicator). I picked up Kelly Galloup's nymph video as well as sat through his presentation—I'm no where near ready to get into more complicated setups.

I guess when I got started (4 years ago) I took to the easiest fastest way to get fish on. I considered dry fly fishing the hardest methods mostly from what I've been told/heard. I fished top water for LM bass and figured top water for trout had to be harder since they were more selective.

My first trip to PA I was actually using salmon eggs on a fly rod. I vowed then to never use bait again and haven't since.

Anyway, fly fishing is going to be my lifelong hobby so I'm certain I'll get into dry fly fishing more. Given the responses there is much more to learn and practice.

I know at some point I'll get tired (not bored) of landing fish on the methods I'm currently using and will need more of challenge. I spent my first year TROUTLESS! The last 3 I've been ramping up my exploration and am just now starting to get way to comfortable with the local waters. I'm sure a long distance trip is in order but I at least want to have more methods/knowledge under my belt before heading off to unknown waters.

Thank you all for your responses.

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