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Default Re: Less force, more power. Contradiction or not?

By no far flung stretch of any delusional imagination am I a casting expert, but I did have to translate fly casting into terms a friend of mine could understand - maybe it will help.

Fly casting has nothing to do with Horsepower and is all about utilizing the Torque the engine is producing and shifting smoothly just before the torque is about to drop off.

In this analogy, horsepower is how much force you are applying to the fly rod and torque is how much force the rod is transferring to the line... it all comes down to a smooth, quick shift just before it's too late. (Horse power sells cars and fly rods, and torque wins races).

[Think about feathering the clutch quickly and then smashing the gas peddle to the floor and then waiting for the engine to rev up to where the torque is just about to drop off then feather the clutch again as you foot slides off the side of the gas peddle, shift and smash the gas peddle back down and wait again.]

and repeat with the fore cast - put power into the rod (haul and then snap the rod up/back) and let the rod have time to power the line and the line to move then repeat.]
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