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Default Re: What is the best floating fly line color?

Hey guys this is my first post so I'll try and contribute. In my experience color has no bearing on catching fish, any color seen directly over them be it white to pink will look dark. I use bright orange so it's easy to see and I never have a problem catching fish all day. And with the strike indicator I feel it's the same scenario, I use thingamobobers in every color from white to hot pink, and just the other day I had 3 fish rise and bump my bright pink indacator. I've had them hit my indacator enough that I'll often use a big dry for me indacator, do if they will hit a hot pink ball on top I don't think color of line makes a difference. Those are just my opinions and observations so to each there own I guess. Thanks and keep up all the good topics going it fun reading about all the different areas of fishing.
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