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Default Please help me with proper leader selection

I am a novice fly fisherman so don't assume that I know anything and there is no need to be gentle with me. I generally understand the concept of SMOOTHLY transferring energy from the rod to the fly line, through the leader, the tippet, and eventually to the fly, by stepping down through line sizes.

After gathering information here and else where, I have settled on determining tippet size by dividing the fly size by three. Then making an adjustment if I am spooking fish or breaking off tippets.

However leader size is still a mystery to me. I am using tapered leaders. I'm thinking there should be a relationship between the leader size and fly line size, in order to assure that smooth transmission of energy.

Since leader sizes are measured at the tippet end, I don't know what the butt size is. And I suspect that it's important to have a reasonable match up between the butt of the leader and the tip of the fly line.

Even though I may be tossing a size 12 fly with either my number 3 rod or my number 7 rod, I can't see using the same leader for both situations.

So, I'm asking you veterans to lead me (pun intended) to the correct way to select my leader.

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