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Thanks for all the advice and pictures. Some nice flies in there. I was on a plane this morning and pulled out a copy of Fly Fisherman magazine to read during takeoff. It opened up to an article by Charlie Craven on mounting hair was interesting and talked about hair stacking.

Riptide: You are correct....I cinched down both tie points tight....and of course that would make them go up. It didn't seem so obvious last night to me!

I watched the video that was suggested.....looks like a straightforward process with good results. Will give that a try on the next one.

Those pictures from BigJim were nice. I compared them to what I "created" last night. Either the directions in the book were wrong or more likely I read them wrong, but I cut the buck tail too short. It is not as long as what I see in the pix and doesn't cover the hook well..which is aggravated by my over tightening some of the hair into the sky.

I reeeeally wanted to tie last night and only had a short window of time between when my 10yr old son went to bed and I fall asleep. He wanted to tie a fly for the first time last night and dominated the vise. We started with a simple San Juan worm so he could get the feel of using a bobbin etc. He tied a bunch of them last night and was up at 5:30 this morning doing some more!

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