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Default Re: What are the options for black rings in a grip?

Not positive it wood work, but look into ferric acetate. Cork is oak. Oak is high in tanic acid. Ferric acetate reacts with tanic acid and dyes what ever is carrying the tannins black.

Haven't played with it yet, but am going to for the next rod I build.

What I am positive of is you can dye red oak 100% black with ferric acetate and a little heat/flame/ or lots of sunlight. Add in a stabilization with washed linseed oil and a "shoe shine' with a strip from an army blanket saturated with a wood ash slurry and you high glass black

When I was forging seaxes, most of my blades went out with red oak stained whith ferric acetate.

To make ferric acetate get a opaque brown hydrogen peroxide bottle, rince it out. fill to 3/4 with distilled white vinegar then stuff in a 0000 stell wool pad and wait a week. Important thing to do is bore a hole in the cap and force some aquarium air line threw it and run the other end of the line into a bottle of water. This keep the ferric acetate from reacting with any light and any ambient oxygen. (The water filter keeps the smell down too. It smells like rusty vinegar.)
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