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Default Re: Hello I'm New Here..

Originally Posted by random user View Post

Rookie my posterior!

('Rookie' means you fish with people who have been fishing longer than you.... at 5 years if you found yourself fishing with a couple of people who were in their first season, you'd be the expert!)
Haha, good point, never thought of it that way. My buddy who originally got me into fly fishing moved up to Montana. I just had my first daughter about 13 months ago, so visiting him won't be an option for a while. But the stories he shares with me (whether its fishing, or encounter with bears) is always a good laugh.

On a side note... I haven't gotten into tying my flies yet (my buddy from Montana has been begging me to start tying) so I have to go and actually buy flies, crazy I know! But of course being in Chicago, I don't have many fly shops I can visit. So I started resorting to buying flies online.

I just bought about 20 flies at theflystop, but I was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations on any online fly stores that has quality flies and is somewhat cheap? I was pretty satisfied with TFS, but just in case anyone knows of any other places, it would be helpful!
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