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Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

I own four scott rods they are my favorite rods by far. but 3 of them are g2s wich i use for trout fishing a 3wt 2 4wts and a 5. my 9 foot 4wt is my go to rod if im not sure what ill be fishing nymphs streamers dries whatever. i prefer them to the winstons and other that i own. having said that if you like loomis and sage im not sure the scotts are gomnna be for you.they seem to excel at building trout rods with lots of feel and a medium fast action that has decent but strength. they are not high speed whiz bang under rated rods that need a line size heavier to cast well.the s4 is their faster series and i owned a 9ft 6 wt for a couple months and sold it. just doesnt seem to be what they do best. love my g2s because they aretrue to theyre line rating have lots of feel and fit my casting stroke perfectly but someone who needs a rocket launcher may prefer something else.
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