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Default Re: Gotta love an Orvis Superfine

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
My fav rod is my 2wt One Ouncer...and I have CT's in 3 and 5 wt, so I'm right there with any "traditionalists" for enjoying a more leisurely stroke and softer feel with a fish on...

...BUT...and this is an honest question, rather than a challenge...when you guys find yourself trying to plop a big load of stuff around on bigger waters, and maybe 8-12 ft of leader, do you need to fish a 7 or 8 where I'm fishing a Sage 5 wt?

I'm just thinking of light steelheading in Ca, where I routinely fish a 5 wt 9'6" Sage Fli or 9' VT2...there's no way my CT, even a 9 footer, could wrestle around that weight...or, at least I don't think it would be fun.

Even if that's true and one would need to use, let's say a 7 wt while I used a 5, who would care, as long as we both fished well and had a good time. Jeez...I hate when I answer my own questions.

Nevermind That's 45 secs of your life you'll never get back....

I'm going to Oregon next week. I'm a little amped up

Hey man your certainly right, when it comes time to throw heavy junk the soft, full flexing rods seem to suffer, however, My go-to 9' 5 weight is a sage vxp. I wouldn't put this rod in the same category as a sage tcx or one rod. Or a loomis nrx or orvis H2. The vxp flexes low enough on the blank so that I can still feel the load w/ a relatively slow n' easy casting stroke much like the vt2. Its the lightning fast rods that I don't like, such as the sage tcx. I should tell you that for steelhead I use a sage z-axis 7136, this rod loads very deep and I wouldn't consider it "fast". I also use a z-axis 8110, this rod is quicker than the 7136, but works great for my scandinavian lines and other dry line work for salmon.

However, at the end of the day its a rod like my 804 superfine touch that just has it, that slow easy stroke w/ tons of feel, throwing dries to risin trout. I just wish rod manufacturers would put more emphasis on building rods like this even if it means less revenue, instead of "selling out". When it comes time to throw buggers and multi-nymph rigs,I pull out the vxp and gets it done.

BTW mike, you use a 5 weight for steelhead??!! thats amazing!

No worries about answering own question, at the end of the day fishing is all about having fun and what gear works best for you. I've been ragging on fast action rods recently simply b/c I wish the industry would do whats best for anglers instead of quarterly reports. Anyway, enjoy Oregon brotha, I'm wicked jelous and wish I could bring my z-axis 7136 to the North Umqua.
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