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Default Re: The 13 Mile Bighorn below Yellowtail Dam

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Bruce: Thanks for sharing the trip report with all the details. I wish you had mentioned that you were headed up that way. Eric Beebe is a member here but doesn't post often, he used to guide on the Bighorn but I think now he mostly ties and owns bighornflies. He is a really nice guy and would have given you some great insight into fishing the Bighorn.
Well thanks McNerney. I'll remember.

We had some fun moments.

(a) Watching somebody's Drift Boat floating loose down the River.
(b) Watching a couple of guys set up a picnic and BBQ along the River and a herd of about 25 Black Angus come along into their camp and start staring at them like they were looking for conversation. They stood right up by the Picnic Table and watched these two fellows eat. That was hilarious.

(c) This was seen. Several guys anchor their drift boat along the shore and get out to spread out and fish a hole. A stray dog of German Shepherd size, deftly looks around, then moves forward and steps into their boat.
He neatly grabs some lunch bag in his teeth and carries it up on the shore to dine upon it. Whatever their lunch was, they lost it. I was taking a nap nearby, and heard some guy holler while the other members of my group were on the shore..."Hey, watch that dog. He'll get in your boat and take your lunch!". Needless to say, that was the end of my nap! ha ha

(d) The president of our club owned the boat, and rowed it for us all day, every day. But he finally stopped to try some dry fly fishing at some rises.

Me, being the local village idiot I guess, decided to let all ...ALL of my fly line out, to drift down the river so that I could smooth out some "wrinkles" in my backing. Well, one thing lead to another and don't you know, the next thing I see is my entire, $100.00 brand new Fly Line go floating down the river.
I would have said something, but I just thought the Club President ought to have his time to catch a Trout on a Dry Fly in the Rise. Ha ha. I just sat thoughtfully in the anchored boat, watching the $100.00 line go floating away. What an adventure that was! Never saw the line again. That baby was gone. I thought my actions were....very noble.


Eric Beebe must have a good spirit, because it sure shows in his Bighorn Fly Shop.
They were the nicest people. They can joke good too.
Welcome to the world of Fly Crying
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