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Default Re: Leprechaun's Hat Fly

Thanks much.

Am tying these for warm water / bass family and perch. For me it easier to experiment on larger hooks. Don't know much about steelies, but I'd be willing to mail out a few to someone who wants to throw them at winter steelies.

It's dense intentionally, to keep it high in the water column. Looking at a bowl-lake that is 10"or less for a good ways off the shore and these broad edges are covered with weed beds.

The splayed wings cause the fly to have a weird motion on a retrieve or in a current - looks sort of wounded / dazed and confused kind of motions and they tend to flutter in unison to current pressure changes. Have done the same thing with clousers and buggers with some success.

Going to tie up a couple more versions, olive over yellow and purple over black and see what happens with them.

Did tie one up with a stacked marabou wing instead of the kip, and I didn't like it so much, but it is going to see some time the water.

I think I might be on to something, but then again I have thought that about many experiments which didn't really evolve into much.
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