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Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction


If you download the videos you can watch them as many times as you wish.

It will help any instructor to pick up a few new tricks for teaching. Even more help it will be if you would like to take a CI or MCI exam.



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Originally Posted by bpeter View Post
Good work! Is this a particular "style" of casting or something for all fly fishermen?
Hi Peter, until Paul manages to register here I will post his answer on your question:

That's an excellent question Peter! The "styles " debate is a fascinating one. At one extreme we have instructors so frightened to teach style that they teach little apart from components, and at the other we have instructors who simply clone! There are undoubtedly "styles" that are good to learn, and I think good instruction is using both components as well as cloning techniques - and deciding which is appropriate at the time.

What I have done here, as much as possible, is to give several ways of learning the casts/techniques. Often when teaching, an angle we take simply doesn't work, and then we need to find another method, and if that one doesn't work we try a third. Of course with experience we can often select the right approach to begin with. In the case of an App, we will have all possibilities and so I have tried to put all these different approaches into the App (which is one reason it's 3 hrs long!).

Most of the people who have the App so far are already instructors or competitors. That's not the purpose of the App! What we would like to do is get this out to a wider audience because that is its purpose! If there are any casting questions related to the App I am more than happy to help.

Cheers, Paul
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