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Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

What strikes me the most was the attitude and ignorance of not giving a **** about other people. 4 guys ran over when I caught the big one and while we were taking pictures they threw their lines right into the place where I pulled this guy from. I asked them to leave as my rod was right there and a bunch of other stuff and they shifted a bit and kept going into the same area. I was debating if I should start throwing rocks in there to scare the fish just because I was so mad. Honestly it was like a cartoon, they ran over with their little buckets and setup shop. It was ridicules to say the least and sad at the same time. You can see in one of the photos of the culprit with a chair, he was there within seconds of me catching that fish.

It is truly sad that some people have no connection to nature or humanity.
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