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Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

I hope I am not too late for the party.

Yes, you need them

Not that you need the high dollar ones but I will tell you what I have.

I have Oakley Monster dog with the VR28 Lens. they are made and designed for fishing. I have other lens colors and they do not come close to matching the abilities of the VR28 lens. They do not block out ALL of the light-just the harmful rays that damage sight. Also, they are polarized that will cut glare and help you differentiate colors in the water better. I like them to spot fish and to highlight my footing-they may have saved my bacon by my not walking into a deep hole. they block out enough light to make them a functional sunglass but light enough to wear them into that late afternoon early evening and still be effective. the frame is large enough to block out reflective light coming up off the water

Oakley also makes 2 other lenses called the deep blue and the blue. Deep blue is designed for deeper blue water and the blue is for shallower blue water.

So I consider the VR28 lens a jack of all trades. You can get that lens in many of their frames. I got mine on ebay for 120 bucks. Well worth it.

Oops, I see you got Under Armor set. Those should be fine too. But when you are up for another pair check out Oakley. I hear costa del mar and maui jim also make fishing specific polarized lens
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