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Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

If the only reason you are wearing sunglasses is to see fish, then ignore the rest of the post.....

I have been doctoring for a VERY serious eye disease since I was 13 years old (thats 34 years now), and my opthamologist had a very candid, frank conversation about sunglasses with me. He said cheap sunglasses were worse than nothing at all. The biggest issue health-wise is UV protection, and no matter what the labeling reads, you will absolutely get better UV protection from better sunglasses. Dark lensed glasses dilate the pupil. If the lenses do not filter out the UV rays....particularly the UV B and C rays, then you are actually allowing MORE of those rays to reach your retina than if you wore nothing and allowed your pupils to shrink to pin-points.

As I said he was very candid with me, and gave me three brands to choose from: Costa del Mar, Smith Optics, and Maui Jims, in that order. He does not sell sunglasses (nor prescription glasses either) so has nothing in recommending any brand other than his patient's health. Take it for what its worth, but I have trusted my vision to this doctor since 1991 (there were others before him) and what he says is gospel to me.

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