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Default Re: My new Scadden Renegade

Update: Just received my lightspeed oars - waited 5 weeks for those. Still waiting on my fins. Love the boat - just what I was looking for.

Was wondering if anyone could recommend a duffel/carry bag that will fit the pontoon?? I can't seem to find a bag big enough to keep the pontoon in and I don't want to wait for the Scadden bag...who knows how long that would take to receive it and I'm leaving for Montana in a couple of weeks.

All in all, a great boat, but the customer service has lived up to it's reputation (not saying they're bad guys or not well intended - just takes awhile to get all your stuff). I wish they would have been upfront about the oars and fins being on backorder when I made the purchase. No mention of those items being on backorder until after I was charged and received the boat. That being said, I'm happy with the purchase.
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