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Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

Originally Posted by half fast View Post
I've seen this sort of thing while fishing. Interestingly, when I go hunting it's completely opposite. Everyone is courteous, everyone leaves plenty of room for the other folks, and everyone helps each other out when it comes to spotting a downed bird or whatever. Great camaraderie, all the shooters are friendly and pleasant.
I have noticed that also when i go waterfowl hunting. Nobody hunts on the same piece and if they do they are friendly, they help you if you need it, and they leave plenty of space. I bought a t-shirt that reads If you can read this your are fishing to close. It seemed to help. I am by no means an expert at catching fish, im probably average but people do start to flock to you when you do hook up. I ususally jsut ask them to leave or move over a bit being that i was there origionally, and if not i go somewhere else to prove to them that you dont have to be in one certian spot to catch a fish! Life is to short to spend time arguing with people who have concrete blocks for heads, enjoy fishing while you can!
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