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Default Re: Polorized glasses.Yes or NO?

Originally Posted by half fast View Post
They're very helpful for seeing into the water, and also for cutting glare off the water even when you're just looking across the water.

Are the $250 glasses better than the $15 variety? Yes. Enough to justify the extra cost? Not to me, but that's a personal decision. As often as sunglasses get dropped overboard, sat on, stepped on, etc., I can't see spending hundreds on them. For me, the cheap ones work well enough.
After losing a couple expensive pairs, I buy the walmart specials for 15 dollars. They might not work quite as well but they do work and if I lose a pair, I'm not worried about it. I usually wear them, especially when I'm after carp. Sure helps to see the fish most of the time. Still need the right sun to see in the rivers I fish though, it it's overcast I don't wear them usually. Although after the previous post, I might start, ouch....
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