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Default Lakeland/Orlando/Tampa/Tarpon Springs Area in July????

Hello, I will be staying in Lakeland, Fl during the first week of July, and I will have the ability to drive to all the areas mentioned in the title. I would be willing to go other places too, those are just the first ones that come to my mind. I am about 90% certain I will be able to take my kayak, so that opens up a lot of possibilities. I am trying to do more salt fishing than fresh water, but if I have the chance to hook into some "Gator Eatin" Large Mouth, I wont turn down the opportunity.

Taking both my 8wt, and my 5wt.

Question 1- What flies are gonna get me some fish?
Question 2- Best time of day, tide, etc?
Question 3- Does anybody want to meet up and help a VA country boy out, and show me the ropes on some saltwater fishing?
Question 4- Long shot but worth a try, does anyone feel like PM'ing me some good spots?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!!
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