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Default Re: three forks 4wt 8' line replacement

I was too late on the tent sale, 4wt was sold out. Thanks for the help.

Ok, I was doing some reading and I decided to see what my Three Forks 4wt 8' combo is. I used the Common Cents method.

The wt was 38 cents/ERN 4.60
The action angle was 66 degrees.
I guess this tells me it is close to a 4.5 wt rod with medium-fast action.

I weighed 30 ft of line in grams and its 9 grams or close to 150 grains. Thats a little heavy, guess its overlined now. 4wt rates are 120 grains.

I fish small ponds for blue gill. Small trout streams with low cover.
I use size 10 to 14 flies, nymphs and size 10 wooly buggers and small poppers.

I also fish in the winter.
I am not sure if I should use WF line but I think so.
I would say I am beginner/intermediate at casting.

Any more ideas on the line that would work the best in my situation while I wait for a sale price?

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