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Cool Road Trip

I am 19 years old and live in North Carolina. Myself and 2-3 of my friends are planning a fly fishing road trip from here (NC) all the way to California. I am heading up the adventure and basically want to know anything and everything you experienced gentlemen and women can tell me. I would consider myself an avid fishermen but not exactly a successful one. I have fished a lot in Asheville, NC but thats about it besides small ponds and lakes near my house. What are the streams and rivers that we just HAVE to hit along the way in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado? Where do you think we would have the most success? What weight rods should be brought? When is the opportune time to make the trip? Literally anything you can offer up!! you can quit reading here if you are going to tell me how stupid I am for doing this and how i should just "stop now" because I can already tell you that Im to young and naive to listen. Also we will not have a raft or kayak, only waders, so keep that in mind.
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