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Default Re: Need extra spool?

Like others, I HAD to HAVE extra spools, one for the floater and one for a sink tip.

I still have them and I think I could find them without much looking. I use a FWF all of the time.

If you have a 6-weight and an 8-weight and using the same reel for both, than an extra spool makes sense.

Kind of hard to really say much since we don't know what you are fishing for and what kind of water you are fishing in.

Figuring out a system for marking lines and or reels is a good thing to figure out early.
I use morse code and modified roman numerals. (I also have a cheat sheet on a laminated 5x5 card in my reel/ extra boxes bag.)

_.. .._. ._ _ .._. ._.. _... is about 6' up from the tip of my line tagged in permanent marker. (Hold tip in one hand and stretch out both arms.)

7 FWFLB or 7-weight, Floating Weight Forward, Long Body
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