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Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

I have 3 Scott rods that I would not trade for anything else I have ever fished with. I do live in CO, so I may be bias, but I love that their rods are handmade here. I agree with the comment about them being more specialty rods, rather then general purpose rods...except for maybe the A series.

I have no feedback on the Muskie. The rods I have are a 9ft 6wt S4 that I use for streamer fishing and nymphing. A 8'8" 4wt G2 for dry flies and smaller rivers, and a 7ft 3wt F for small mountain streams.

I think that the above comments about the G2 say all that needs to be said about it, and the F is just a small stream dream. I think it is the perfect rod and I would not change a thing about it.

I feel the S4 sometimes get judged unfairly. It has a ton of back bone, and yes it is fast. It is after all a fast action rod. But it has a wonderfully soft and delicate tip. I use a ton for nymphing on the S. Platte with 5, 6 and 7x leaders and tippet with no problem. It protects these light tippets very well, but still has the backbone to haul in the big boys and throw weighted streamers with ease. A friend just bought a 9ft 6wt BVK from TFO and we traded rods while nymphing two weeks ago for a while, and the tip of his rod was so much stiffer and took away the feel that you get with the S4. Anyway...I love it. A soft tip with a fast mid section and stout butt is the perfect S. Platte rod in my mind.

I have never fished the S4 in a 5wt, so I can't comment on that. The other comment about personality is spot on. The Scott rods jave something that the Sage, and other companies just don't have and it is hard to pin point. I think Winston has the same kind of thing as the Scott, but maybe a little less in your face about it. The unsanded blanks and internal ferrules just say...I don't care if I am different...I am here to catch fish.
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