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Default Re: Scott Rods Reviews?

If you think about it, Scott tends to march to their own beat. For instance, at $395.00 for the A4 it would seem that Scott doesnít offer the usual sub $300.00 entry level fly rod, like so many other American rod companies do, whether they be American or offshore builds.
Some might say that those companies could be better served by once again following Scottís lead, by simply producing a better rod in both performance and aesthetics and pricing it accordingly.

Iíll take the heat for this, but it wonít change my belief that some of the American built sub $300.00 rod series that have been offered over the past couple of decades, likely hindered the development of casting skills in entry level anglers. Many of them werenít built to be entry level rods aimed at developing skill sets. They were simply the nearest thing to a fly rod that those companies could push out the door with a made in the U.S.A. sticker on them, at a given price point.
A price point I might add, that still hasnít broken the $300.00 barrier in the case of some companies or substantially risen, in a quarter century.
Some would hail that as a great accomplishment in manufacturing efficiency and a win for the consumer. However, given that each new sub $300.00 American built offering is heralded as an all new design and knowing that wages, energy, distribution and material costs have all gone up over that same quarter century. It would seem evident, that this is simply a case of it being easier to provide less, rather than to raise the entry level price. By the same notion, I also believe that in the under $300.00 range, a well informed beginner will find better products available to them, if they look to the import rod market.

There was a time when the rod builders of the world said youíd never see a workable 9í - 4 weight fly rod, then Scott invented one.

So what does this all have to do with my thoughts of the upper echelon Scott products. Well Iím extremely tainted there. Many years ago they ran a campaign for their new series of rods, basically saying that ďit takes a village to raise a childĒ, thatís my spin on it. That this new series of rods was developed with the input of many people, dealers, guides, noteworthy casters, you name it. I was one of those ď you name itís ď.
Iíve always looked at that project as either, 1) I got my way and they didnĎt listen to anyone else. Or more likely 2) A great many anglers were looking for exactly the same thing out of a rod as I was. In any case, there are a great many of those rod seriesí seeing daily, general purpose duty out here and I have absolutely no plans of ever retiring my many rods of that series.
Those are not the only Scottís I own, but they are the ones I most cherish.

Iím by no means a Scott only loyalist, over the years Iíve owned rods by every major rod builder and still do have rods by most of them. However, I donít agree that Scott only produces specialty rods. I will say that they donít necessarily produce upper echelon fast rods for entry level or intermediate casters.
Just as not all anglers wouldíve been best served by a Loomis GLX, Sage XP or ( insert your own analogous rod series here ).

Best to you all, TT
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