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Default Re: The Sexyloops Mobile App flycasting instruction


I am following this of course but I would like Paul to answer these technical questions. He has no internet connection as he fishes Bosnia right now.

You increase the line speed with the haul but an aspect that is mentioned rarely that you finish the haul AFTER the stop (I had to video myself to believe this because I was pretty sure you do it the same time, very hard to feel these slight differences) what helps you to have a longer straight rod tip path. You actually finish the haul when the rod reaches rod straight position while unbending. Because you still haul during this unbending you keep tension so the tip wont just "kick over" but straightens gradually, so the rod tip path will be straighter for a longer time. If you finish the haul too soon the rod tip will "kick over" and rise above the straight line so you will get a tailing loop.


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