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Default Re: Sage ONE#5...Which Line?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
I have not tried the RIO LT so I don't know how it would feel...sometimes we can be surprised if we have an open mind. But its diagram illustrates an elongated front taper, almost in the Wulff Triangle Taper category, making me question the positive + turnover of a 15'+ leader at short distances that Gold and, even more so, Expert Distance excel at. There is an intermediate front taper choice that I just realized from Russellb's post in the Reel Forum that I have neglected to try; the SA Textured TroutStalker. It is a great line on my #4 Zenith and, though it has a very long front taper of 13', that is nothing like LT's compound front taper of 28'. My instinct is that I might prefer TroutStalker in spring creek environments but on the Delaware or Missouri where my ONE sees extensive use the Expert Distance and/or Gold are likely better designs.

My experience with ONE is that it looses some of its sensitivity when over lined even a little...when I tried Grande on it my first thought was, wow, this rocks! The rod sure handles it with pop but, with further experimentation, the true to line size fly lines bring its laser-like tip travel into sharper focus and quicker recovery. Regarding the design of heavier still GPX, please note my harsh comments in an above post.
Like you I play a lot with different lines, each rod has a voice and soul and nothing brings that out like the right line. The rivers that I fish are the White and Norfork in Arkansas and the North Fork of the White in Missouri. All of these rivers require and rod that is capable of distance and accuracy.

Certainly I look at the taper of the line, some are better for dry fly presentations other not so much. I cast a Lee Wulff Triangle Taper on my 10' 5wt Sage RPL for many seasons. It carried heavy streamers and nymph rigs like a champ but was pretty "clubby" presenting dries. Next came an Airflo line , that lasted maybe two days as it didn't shoot.

I have really settled on the Textured series lines for my cold water rods in either GPX or Trout Stalker. They have just the right level of stiffness, both have a taper that loads the rod and they can shoot line like a dream AND are equally competent at casting a tandem nymph rig as a #22 midge.

For me, any line that I can effortlessly shoot line both on my forward cast and backcast is going to be more accurate. If I have to work at it, it ceases to be useful, which is why I stripped off the Airflo, tossed in the bin and gave it the finger.
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