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Default I NEED HELP (I'm sorry I didn't know where to post my question :( )

I just bought this fly fishing kit:
- Single Action Fly reel
- 9' 4-piece #5/#6 Weight Rod
- IM-6 Graphite construction
- 30 yards of weight foward fly line
- 50 yeards of 20 lb.Backing
- 7 1/2 4x Tapered Leader

And I have NO IDEA how to TIE the lines with each other, (I heard I must use all 3 kind of lines)
And how long each one should be.
Please if someone could explain me how and based in what(for example, if the rode is bigger, use more line) I should tie the lines.

I used to fish a lot with regular fish rodes (http://www.****.ro/img/article/31/articlethumb/231.jpg )
So before start rolling the line in the reel, there is like a little clip to make sure that the line is not going away in case your cast uses all the line.
And now I have this kind of reel and I have no idea. Should I tie around it? or just start rolling?

Thanks in advanced for the answers!
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