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Default Re: 2013 5-Weight Shootout

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
Regarding Sage ONE I quote; "Good, but not great. Heads up, the NRX LP, the Zenith, Orvis Helios 2 and the Hardy Zenith were a lot better. The One does have good power at long range but it seems too parabolic in action to me to really let you jam the power in precisely. It just needs a quicker, more flexible tip." Lets see, the Zenith as well as the Hardy Zenith were better and it needs a quicker, softer tip. Huuh? I own this rod as well as the Zenith and the Hardy Zenith (sorry, couldn't help myself) and I fish the Zenith when I wand a sweet, softer tipped #5 for doing lots of enjoyable casting and I select ONE when I want the most responsive, quickest recovering tip for the ultimate in technical presentation. They compliment one another very nicely but, hey, this is my subjective opinion. Oh, and I fish a straight #5 line on both of them not a 5.5 and certainly no 6.
Sweet, I agree with your sentiment. I cannot figure out how you make a tip softer and quicker at the same time.

There seems to be a little ONE bashing going on. I own a one as well as a Sage VPS (old RPL blank), and a 590 Sage SP. I own a Hardy Zenith in another 486, but I have casted the One, BIIIX, H2 and others together. I am a huge fan of the Zenith and I like the BIIIX as well.

I did not buy my ONE. I won it in a raffle. The first time I fished it I did not know how much I did or did not like it. One day, I got out my VPS, SP and One and casted them side by side. Their was a notable difference in each rod in its castability. It was amazing to see the improvement in each generation of rods. The One is so different from other rods I can see why some people do not like it. Before I started fishing it I even considered selling it to get a Zenith.

Since I have moved to Idaho, I have been using the one a lot and I am amazed at how awesome this rod it is to fish. It exectutes close casts and long casts with ease and, of course, nothing throws curve casts and curve mends like a Sage. More than anything it bends deep and fully when fighting a fish.

What I am amazed at is that the butt section never feels stiff on close casts. I think that is what the taper design of the One did. It does not have a soft tip like other rods at the same time it does not have a massive or unfeeling butt section either. That is different from any other kind of rod that I know. I actually like it. Just my .02 worth.
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