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Default Re: beginner surf questions

It kind of sounds like you can get into fish in the surf by essentially doing the same thing you'd do swinging a wet fly downstream for trout with a floating line ;0. That's fine with me -- i'm already used to that.

That's for the tips guys -- I would have never thought to use a floater in the surf.....almost everyone I've seen talking about it says it won't work

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Do you guys use the same kind of leader on your floating line that you'd use anywhere else, or do you tend to shorten it up a bit in the surf?

I'm learning here -- keep it up .

I read an article in midcurrent about "ultralight SW fishing" with 5-6 weight rods, and the guys seemed to be using tapered leaders that were "chopped" to a more heavy and manageable length for the SW conditions. I didn't know if I should just try a level leader of 8-12 pound test or a tapered one.....though I usually use level leaders as is.
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