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Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
Just to clarify, by "it sort of flies left to right" in describing the leader, do you mean the part of the leader that is closer to you is to the left side or the right side of the part of the leader that is further way from you?

Several other questions. When this happens:

Is it when you are trying to cast further than normal or into the wind?

Also can you double haul and if so, can you link this to when you need to double haul?

As to a tracking problem, have someone stand directly in line with your right shoulder from the front and have them look at the path of your rod tip. Tell them to look to see if the rod tip has any kind of arc to the outside (away from your body) or inside (toward your body) as seen from the front.

Also have then look at the rod tip at the stop. Does in dip straight or slightly to the inside or outside of your body at the stop?
I feel in general I'm a good caster. It's not a timing thing and it doesn't happen when I haul. It tends to happen when I suddenly change direction. For instance... I am casting to a fish taking spinners. He's constantly moving up and down the pool. He never rises in the same place twice. In the middle of a back cast I suddenly have to change direction because he rose again where I least expected him to. I think I'm subconsciously turning my arm, or twisting something.
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